Filming and Photography

Guidelines for Filming and Photography in the SLC


This guideline is to establish the terms and conditions under which SLC space may be used for filming, still photography and/or video production. This policy applies to filming, photography and video production by members of the Ryerson community and photographers employed by the University for public relations purposes.

Anyone external to the Ryerson Community should contact Johanna VanderMaas, Manager, Public Affairs at prior to shooting any film or photographs in the SLC.

*External commercial shoots are not permitted in the Student Learning Centre. Commercial shoots are identified as any filming, still photography and/or video production that is making or intended to make profit.


The SLC is a place where Ryerson students and Ryerson community members come to study, collaborate, and use information resources and services. As such, the primary use of space is for these intended purposes.

Every level within the SLC is unique. The space ranges from the lobby amphitheatre, open-concept study spaces, collaborative & group work rooms to silent study areas.

Because of the complexity of space five principles have been crafted by the Ryerson community to serve as a foundation for use of the SLC. Anyone actively filming or taking photos is expected to be guided by these principles.

  1. Respect the needs of the students
  2. Maximize the use of the SLC in ways that support the first principle and promotes academic stakeholder activity
  3. Leverage opportunities for student and Ryerson community engagement
  4. Foster a dynamic environment
  5. Enhance Ryerson University’s reputation


Any student filming/photographing in the SLC must:

  • Undertake to leave the SLC clean
  • Abide by Ryerson codes of conduct and the principles noted above
  • Assume responsibility for costs associated with damage to the premises which occur as a result of the filming
  • Advise the SLC staff of any problems which arise during the film shoot
  • Be respectful of privacy

Where to Begin

If you are in compliance with the purpose, principles and requirements of the SLC, you may proceed to photograph and film within the building. As a first step, you are required to sign in with SLC staff at the Welcome Desk in the lobby. Please  be prepared to present Ryerson identification such as your Ryerson OneCard. You may be required to wear the Media badge, provided by the Welcome Desk, during your shoot. Please return your badge and sign-out before you leave.


No filming is permitted on Level 7 (quiet study floor including the collaborative & group work rooms on this level). Any filming on the 4th floor should be cleared with Student Learning Support services. No filming is permitted for the period from one week before the start of an exam period until the end of the exam period.

We encourage students to take photos and document their experience at the SLC. Remember to post them hashtag #RSLC.


Updated August, 2017