Your Library Needs You!

Do you have ideas for creating a better student experience? Are you interested in student engagement and innovation? Joining this year’s Ryerson University Library & Archives Student Advisory Committee (RULA-SAC) will allow you to contribute your feedback and ideas to the Library.

Ryerson University Library & Archives is currently accepting applications for their RULA-SAC), a committee designed to facilitate direct communication between the Library and the students that it serves.

This year, the focus is on student engagement. As the co-chair, Carrie-Ann Bissonnette wants to ensure that students are involved in shaping the campus culture at Ryerson.

Together, you can take part in innovative projects that support the new Student Learning Centre (SLC). This includes the development of an SLC Ambassador Program to foster student engagement. You may also have ideas for the LIB Invigorate Initiative that revitalizes the Library and harmoniously infuses it to the new SLC.

RULA-SAC welcomes undergraduate, graduate and continuing education students! Apply by Friday, October 3rd, 2014 to join 15-20 other student leaders and put your ideas into action.

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Ryerson Today: The next generation of library

Ryerson Library

“From one perspective, libraries are in a state of change: we’ve all heard about the so-Ryerson Librarycalled “death of books,” and have experienced the wealth of information available online. But from another perspective, the role of libraries has never changed at all. Reconciling these truths is a challenge the Ryerson University Library has been able to meet, with a steady stream of new technologies and initiatives to supplement the essential library experience.” Read full article


The Star: Eight reasons to love Toronto

The rash of great buildings nearing completion. The University of Toronto’s Goldring Centre for High Performance Sport, Ryerson University’s Student Learning Centre on Yonge St. and the Ismaili Centre/Aga Khan Museum of Islamic Art at Eglinton and Wynford Dr. are brilliant examples of how architecture is bringing new richness to the city. As well as providing new opportunities, each of these structures resolves the traditional distinction between beauty and utility. Form is as much a part of these three buildings as function.” Read full article 

Ryerson Today: Transforming the campus and the city

Ryerson Student Learning Centre“Two years after breaking ground, construction on Ryerson’s stunning eight-storey, $112 million Student Learning Centre (SLC) is entering its final stages.

The SLC is transforming the corner of Yonge and Gould Streets into a vibrant intersection for the city and providing the Ryerson community with an outstanding environment to study, collaborate and share ideas. The eight-storey building features bright, open, technologically rich, barrier-free spaces for Ryerson students to pursue individual and collaborative study and a variety of learning environments, digital support and academic services to foster a culture of collaboration and creativity….” Read full article

The New York Times: Transforming, but Not Disrupting

Ryerson Student Learning Centre

Ryerson Student Learning Centre

“The Ryerson University Student Learning Center in Toronto by Snohetta is another library with urban ambitions. The building, to open in early 2015, looks like a gem on stilts, with a bridge to the historic building where the books are kept. The ground floor on busy Yonge Street will have retail shops; around the corner, on pedestrian-heavy Gould Street, a set of steps and mirror like triangulated canopy invite students and the public into an open lobby.”  Read full article

What does the Strategic Projects Liaison do?

My name is Carrie-Ann and I’m here to help you fill the Student Learning Centre (SLC) with pride and purpose beyond traditional study space.

As the Strategic Projects Liaison for the Office of the Provost and Vice President Academic, it’s my job to help students understand what the SLC is and what it will mean to their Ryerson learning experience. Most importantly, I’m here to ensure that students are involved in shaping it. Continue reading “What does the Strategic Projects Liaison do?”