Launch Zone

The Launch Zone is a space for students who want to explore the world of entrepreneurship, turn their ideas into products and businesses and develop the skills necessary to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Part of the zone learning network at Ryerson, the Launch Zone is open to all students and supports student-led projects in any discipline.

At the Launch Zone, students can access:

  • Mentorship: Students have the opportunity to collaborate with and be mentored by entrepreneurs within the community.
  • Networking: Networking workshops with entrepreneurs are held regularly with people developing start-ups, external entrepreneurs and business owners who collaborate with the Launch Zone.
  • Workspace: The Launch Zone is a unique space on the third floor of the SLC. It holds up to 90 people at a time, and is available for entrepreneurship-related events and programming.
  • Events: The Launch Zone hosts innovative and entrepreneurial events in business, design, marketing, finance, digital media and networking, collaborating with some amazing departments and groups in the community.

Any Ryerson student can come in to the Launch Zone for workshops, networking and other events, and those interested in launching their ideas or brands can apply to become a general Launch Zone member. Be sure to check the events board in the SLC to see what is scheduled for the day, or visit their website.

Launch Zone