Lost and Found Policy

The Sheldon & Tracy Levy Student Learning Centre (SLC) provides a lost and found service as a courtesy to the campus community and is not responsible for personal items left on campus or in the community. 


The purpose of this document is to provide a guideline for the general management of SLC Lost & Found.


The SLC is only responsible for its own designated Lost & Found. Other designated Lost & Found locations on campus are responsible for developing or modifying, as needed, protocols and procedures related to the present guidelines and the management of their Lost & Found process.

The SLC reserve the right to determine how items are managed based upon the condition of the item when it is received.

The person who turned in the item will have no claim at any point to the item if the owner is not located.

For the purpose of definition only, the following items only, including their contents, will be classified as items of value. These are: cash, gift cards, purses, wallets, cameras, jewelry (including watches) and electronic equipment (i.e. cell phones, laptops, tablets) as well as medical equipment and/or medication. All other items will be considered items of lesser value. 

Any items posing an immediate risk, or which are either controlled by law or illegal will not be accepted by SLC Staff. Ryerson Security and/or Toronto Police will be notified immediately as needed, and SLC Staff will make every reasonable effort to secure the item before Safety arrives. Examples: weapons, alcohol, drugs. 

Turning In Found Items

SLC Staff will:

  1. Make all reasonable efforts to locate the owner of a non-perishable items.
  2. Record the description and location of non-perishable items turned in or found throughout the building.
  3. Search any electronic devices (phone, tablet, laptop) for immediately apparent identifying information, including accessing unlocked devices. If the owner’s name cannot be determined from this search, or if the device is locked with a passcode, the SLC  will not take further steps to gain access to the item. The SLC will not connect their own devices with any devices, including USBs.
  4. Conduct a cursory search any wallets and bags (for example, a backpack or purse) to ensure that they do not contain any items that could present a risk.  For all found items with identification, attempts will be made to contact the owner.

Claiming an item

Items can be claimed during the hours of operation at SLC Headquarters. Please check our website for details.

A rightful owner will be responsible for satisfactorily identifying the lost item before it will be returned to them. It is at the staff member’s discretion to ask questions to verify the item’s ownership. Proper identification may be requested when returning an item.

Identifiable items

  • OneCards  Will be returned to the Ryerson Library & Archives’ front desk.
  • Government-issued identification will be returned to the issuing agency if the owner cannot be reached.
  • Passports will be turned into Passport Canada if owner cannot be reached.
  • Credit Cards and Bank Cards will be destroyed upon contacting the financial institution.
  • Presto Cards/Transit Cards will be returned to the respective transit agency.

Unclaimed and disposal of items

Perishable items, medications, loose papers with no identifying information, and items deemed unhygienic will be safely disposed of immediately.

Items that are recorded, and unidentifiable items (see Identifiable Items, above) will be held for 30 days. After 30 days remaining items will subsequently be considered expired, and donated.  Once items are considered expired, information about those items and the items themselves will not be accessible. Any money that is found, and unclaimed will be donated to a local charity.

Protecting Your Property

Unattended Items
(separate from Lost & Found items)

Items should never be left unattended in the SLC. Theft on campus is prevalent.

At the discretion of the SLC, any items that are identified as unattended will be taken to SLC Headquarters as a preventative measure from theft. The SLC Staff will take the items as-is (how it was originally found). The SLC is not responsible for any lost items or belongings.

Bookmarks will be left at the recovery site, with instructions on how to retrieve the unattended items.

Questions or inquiries about Lost and Found? Contact us at slchelp@ryerson.ca or 416-979-5000 ext 3485.