The Student Engagement and Leadership (SEAL) Team is here to assist you with all things SLC.

The SEAL Team is a stakeholder of the SLC, representing the students at Ryerson. It fosters culture and enhances the SLC experience through experiential, logistical, and administrative responsibilities in the SLC. The SEAL Team also oversees the maintenance of the SLC, communications, events and animation activities, and works collaboratively with the other SLC stakeholders – Student Learning Support, the Digital Media Experience, School of Performance and Sandbox by DMZ.

You can find the SEAL Team in LIB272B. This is where the SLC Lost and Found is located, and where you can drop in to ask questions or say hello!

If you have questions regarding the operations, facilities, deficiencies, tabling in the SLC, or if you would like to give us feedback about your SLC experience, send an email to

For information about tours, please email

Meet the Team!

Dressed in yellow t-shirts, our SLC Specialists are current Ryerson students and the first members of the team you’ll meet. They foster a dynamic space that maintains and promotes the SLC principles. SLC Specialists are approachable and knowledgeable resources for students in this world-class destination.

Student Learning Centre Specialist team putting their hands together

Our SLC Assistants are dressed in black t-shirts and are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the SLC, and provide assistance and support to the SLC Specialists.

The SLC Building Officers each oversee a specific portfolio, such as external relations and visitor and community experience, student experience and internal relations, and operations, administration and logistics.

Our Sparkle Team is comprised of employees from Facilities Management and Development. They are responsible for ensuring that everything in the SLC continues to run smoothly and look outstanding.

The SLC Creative Team takes care of the SLC’s communication and design-based initiatives. They manage our online presence, graphics and website.

Our SEAL Team managers, the Strategic Projects Liaison and SLC and Library Facilities Supervisor, oversee all aspects and responsibilities of the SEAL team.