Tabling or setting up a table in a high traffic area is an effective way to engage the community. The SLC is a great central location on campus for this type of activity. There are designated areas on Level 1 of the SLC specifically reserved for tabling activity. We want to make it easy for you to take advantage and maximize the opportunities.


  • There are designated areas on Floor 1 of the SLC specifically reserved for tabling activity. These areas ensure that the flow of traffic through the SLC is not interrupted – allowing clear access to elevators, stairs and other main points of interest such as Starbucks and info kiosks.


  • To maximize opportunity for all students tabling activity, a table may be booked for a maximum of 4 hours per day and a maximum of 2 bookings per week.
  • Only one table can be dedicated per individual’s/organization’s tabling activity at once.
  • Tables may be booked up to 2 weeks in advance of desired tabling date.
  • Tabling hours are Monday – Friday from 10AM – 7PM. Excluding holidays and when Ryerson University is closed.


  • Tabling activities in the SLC must be run by a current Ryerson student, staff or faculty member
  • The “day of point of contact” provided in the request form must provide their OneCard in exchange for the reserved table.
    • The OneCard will be returned at the end of the scheduled activity when the table is returned.


  • Tabling activity is booked online via this link.
  • A confirmation email will be sent to the requestor within 2 business days from request detailing next steps.
  • There will be a 30 minute buffer time between scheduled tabling activities for teardown.
  • You must claim your table within the first 15 minutes of the booking, or your table request may be cancelled.
  • Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your start time to sign-out the table (size 6 feet long x 2 feet wide)


  • There can only be a maximum of 4 tabling activities occurring simultaneously. Booking is first come first serve.
  • Tabling activity must be:
    • Reputation enhancing by design
    • Enhancing the overall student experience
    • Enhancing the academic experience for all students
    • Non-traditional in its approach to message delivery/use of space/engagement of participants
    • Intentional in its effort to collaborate with an existing group/initiative/activity/resource on campus
    • Welcoming in nature: any Ryerson student/community members can engage and participate
    • Inclusive in considering how to make the table activity accessible by minimizing barriers for approachability
  • Any individual or organization that defies or neglects the Tabling Guidelines or SLC Principles during their tabling activity, may lose their tabling activity booking privileges for the duration of one semester.
  • Absenteeism: Any individual or organization that does not attend their scheduled Tabling Activity without a 12 hour notice, may lose their tabling activity booking privileges for the duration of two weeks.


Q: What happens if I bring my own table and set-up in another location in the SLC for my tabling activity?

A: You will be approached by an SLC staff member and asked to cooperate with the guidelines outlined above. Besides, the process and guidelines were crafted and supported by a group of Ryerson students!

Q: Can tabling activity occur outside of the Gould Street Entrance of the SLC?

A: The ramps and stairwells are a high-traffic entrance and exit for thousands of students every day. We are working to keep this area barrier-free and open to ensure easy access for all. The sidewalk space at the front of the stairs leading to the SLC belongs to the City of Toronto. Special permission from the Transportation Department is required to set-up any type of activity there. The contact for Right of Way, Ward 27, City of Toronto is 416-392-7877.

Tabling is often the first impression an individual will get about you. If done correctly it will lend credibility and draw new members or interested individuals. Ensure the spirit of your activity reflects the philosophy of the SLC.

Ready to get started? Click a link below:

If you have any further questions please email

Exciting news! In response to feedback from the Ryerson community, the SLC Gould Street entrance doors are being redesigned and improved this summer.  Due to this, the Gould Street entrance will be closed for the duration of this project from June 19–August 28, 2017

If you are still interested in hosting a tabling activity during this time, the SLC will remain open and accessible through an alternative entrance via through the Library Building at 350 Victoria Street. We thank you for your understanding during this time.  For more information on how it will impact the space, please read our detailed post.