Aerial view of a tabling activity at the SLC


Do you want to engage with the community? Do you have a message to share? Take advantage of the foot traffic at the SLC and book a table! 


Bring your tabling activity to life by following the steps below:Layout of the SLC Amphitheatre

  1. Have you checked out our guidelines? 
  2. Find an available date using the
    following calendars. Events can be booked up to two weeks in advance.

    1. Tabling Section 1
    2. Tabling Section 2
    3. Tabling Section 3 
  3. Share your great idea with us by using this request form. Note: you can only book a tabling activity 2 weeks in advance. 
  4. Host your #worldclass event in the SLC Amphitheatre

At the SLC, students are the heart of everything – including creating the SLC Principles. Check them out to be sure your event idea is SLC-ready!

Have any questions about tabling activities in the SLC? Check out our FAQ or email us at We look forward to hearing from you!