Collaborative Group Work Room (CGWR) Booking

IMPORTANT: Please read the following updated CGWR guidelines before booking!

  • To access our online booking platform (Skedda) use your my.ryerson login information
  • 5 hour maximum booking time per day
  • All students will have a standard 35 hours per week for CGWR bookings
  • CGWR bookings will be available over a 14 day window
  • Students will have 30 minutes to arrive for their CGWR booking. If you are more than 30 minutes late you forfeit your CGWR reservation
  • Students may study in empty CGWRs until someone with a valid booking arrives

A blue button with the text "Book Here" This button provides a link to our booking platform.

You no longer need to book a desk before arrival. Desks will be first-come, first-serve. CGWRs will continue to be bookable spaces.

Everyone entering the SLC will need:

If you have any questions or accessibility concerns regarding accessing the SLC, please email and a staff member will be in touch with you.

All guests must stay 2 meters apart at all times and keep elevator use to two people per elevator. We are asking that all students maintain physical distancing within the SLC. If you are conversing with another student we ask that you keep your mask on and keep the recommended 2 meter distance between you. Find more information on physical distancing while on campus here.

Not following SLC guidelines may result in a suspension of your booking access.

Please do your part to keep the SLC a safe space for everyone.