Book A Desk / CGWR

The SLC is only available to currently enrolled Ryerson students by reservation only. The SLC will remain closed to walk-ins and guests at this time.

Everyone entering the SLC will need:

Hours of operation for reservations are as follows:

Monday – Friday: 8AM-11PM
Last Entry: 10PM
Saturday & Sunday: 12PM-8PM
Last Entry (doors locked): 7PM

You can book a desk up to 7 days in advance. Each student will be given 25 bookable hours per week. You may divide those hours within the week in a way that works best for you. CGWRs can be booked for a maximum of 5 hours per day, per student.

We ask that students wear a mask at all times while within the SLC for the safety of our community. 

All guests must stay 2 meters apart at all times and keep elevator use to two people per elevator. We are asking that all students maintain physical distancing within the SLC. If you are conversing with another student we ask that you keep your mask on and keep the recommended 2 meter distance between you. Find more information on physical distancing while on campus here.

Not following SLC guidelines may result in a suspension of your booking access.

Please do your part to keep the SLC a safe space for everyone.

A blue button with the text "Book Here" This button provides a link to our booking platform.

If you have any accessibility concerns regarding our booking system or navigating the SLC at this time please email us as

Importants Notes:
Collaborative & Group Work Rooms (CGWRs)
will be made available at a 50% capacity. CGWR reservations must be made by one individual on behalf of the group. In Skedda (our online booking platform) there will be an information field asking for up to 1 additional name (for 4 person CGWRs) or 3 additional names (for 8 person CGWRs). This indicates the number of people authorized to study with you in the CGWR during the time it is reserved.

Bookings for CGWRs will be automatically cancelled if you are more than 1 hour late arriving for your reservation.

8th floor round tables are also available for up to 2 students. Reservations must be made by one individual on behalf of the group. When you book an 8th floor study table in Skedda there will be an information field asking for up to 1 additional name to accommodate the 2 person booking. If you are booking one of these tables for just yourself you can fill this field in as NA.

The 7th floor Graduate Study Space will remain only available to Ryerson graduate students. Upon arrival undergraduate students will not be able to access this space using their OneCards, we ask that you book a desk outside of the indicated ‘Grad Space’ when booking on the 7th floor.

If you are a Graduate Student and wish to book a desk in the 7th floor Graduate Study Space, please ask your program to contact the OneCard Office on your behalf to ensure you have access to this part of the SLC.

Reservations must be made before arriving at the SLC. 

COVID-19 SLC Expectations

Masks must be worn properly, covering the nose and mouth, while inside the SLC. This is the best way to keep our community safe.  An individual may temporarily and briefly remove a mask or face covering when necessary to take a bite of food or a sip of a drink. We ask that between bites and sips you replace your mask, keeping your mask on whenever possible. If you need a mask we will provide you with one. 

This is in alignment with Ryerson’s Mask Policy and the City of Toronto Bylaw.

If you are able to wear a mask and choose not to here is what to expect:

An SLC staff member will talk with you and remind you of our guidelines.

If still not complying with our guidelines you will be reminded a second time.

A third time will result in being asked to leave the SLC for the remainder of the day.

You can continue to book at the SLC, however if you continue to choose not to comply we may have to remove your booking privileges in the future. We can only operate if we all do our part.