Election Best Practices and Opportunities

To respect the needs of students at the SLC and create equal opportunity for election candidates, we have created some guidelines for campaigning in the SLC.

These opportunities and guidelines were drafted by students and are in place to ensure candidates are able to effectively engage with their peers, that all candidates are given equal opportunity and to ensure the SLC’s #1 principle of respecting the needs of students is met. If you have any questions about this, do not hesitate to contact slchelp@ryerson.ca.  



Campaign Badges

  • To allow candidates to have a presence in the SLC without overwhelming students studying here, all independent candidates or slates will be permitted a maximum of five individual campaigners in the SLC at any given time during the campaign and voting period.
  • All individuals campaigning in the building will be required to wear a campaign badge, available at the SLC Welcome Desk. When the Welcome Desk is closed, campaigners can visit SLC HQ (LIB272B) or speak to any staff member in the building. This campaign badge will show SLC guests that you have been approved to be there and acts as a way to monitor the total number of individuals campaigning in the building.
  • To sign out a campaign badge:
    1. Check in with an SLC Specialist at the Welcome Desk;
    2. Exchange their OneCard for a campaign badge; and
    3. Fill out the campaigner sign-in sheet.

Once campaigners are finished campaigning in the SLC or would like to pass the badge off to another campaign member, they can retrieve their OneCard at the Welcome Desk and sign out on the campaigner sign-in sheet.

  • If any incidents occur in the SLC, SLC staff will keep a record and where requested, provide this information to the appropriate Chief Returning Officer.

Exclusion Zones

  • Campaigning is permitted on the 1st floor and the 6th floor with restrictions: 8 feet from the elevators, and not blocking the accessibility ramps or stairwell fire exits.
  • Campaigning is permitted in these two designated areas only. All other areas of the SLC are considered campaign-free zones.


  • To help candidates engage with the student body, the SLC Team has extended the maximum amount of tabling time per week. During voting days, the SLC Amphitheatre has been booked off specifically for campaigning by candidates and represents the best opportunity to engage with your peers in a high traffic area.
  • During each election voting day, candidates are invited to table in the SLC Amphitheatre from 10am – 7pm. To book time please email slchelp@ryerson.ca to let us know the dates, time and duration you would like to table for. If you are a member of a slate, please indicate this in your email.
  • Tabling Activities in the Amphitheatre on non-voting days will follow the same guidelines as usual and require a booking request to be submitted no more than 3 weeks prior to the requested tabling times. Each independent candidate or slate can have a maximum of two Tabling Activities per week for a maximum of 4 hours per day. Tabling requests during the campaign, non-voting times will be based on our calendar availability and the guidelines mentioned above.