Filming and Photography

Can I take pictures or video in the SLC?

Yes! We encourage students to take photos and document their experience at the SLC or use it for media projects. Remember to hashtag social posts with #RSLC. The SLC is here to support students and all of your academic needs. To make sure all students are respected, there are a few guidelines: 

  • Respect other users of the space. Minimize disruption to the students around you.
  • Leave the SLC clean.
  • Be respectful of privacy.
  • Abide by Ryerson codes of conduct and the SLC principles.
  • Assume responsibility for costs associated with damage to the premises which occur as a result of the filming.
  • Advise SLC staff of any problems which arise during the film shoot.

External to Ryerson University?

Individuals or media organizations external to the Ryerson community of students, faculty and staff should contact Johanna VanderMaas, Manager, Public Affairs at prior to shooting any film or photographs in the SLC.  

Note that external commercial shoots are not permitted in the Student Learning Centre. Commercial shoots are identified as any filming, still photography and/or video production that is making or intended to make profit. The SLC’s priority is to provide space for our students. We aim to minimize disruption to student use.

Media Passes

At this time the SLC will not be handing out Media Passes.  During COVID-19 we are focused on accommodating individual students whose home is not a suitable environment for academic study, who need a quiet, distraction-free space with reliable internet to attend online classes or to study.  All students arriving at the SLC must have a desk reserved using our internal booking system.  We will not be accommodating photo or video shoots sessions at this time.

Is there anywhere that I am not allowed to film or photograph?

  • Filming & photography are not permitted on Floor 7. It is designated for quiet study only.
  • Any filming on the Floor 4 should be first cleared with Student Learning Support.
  • No filming is permitted from one week before the start of an exam period until the end of the exam period.
  • Please be respectful of other students and endeavour to minimize disruption.