Finding Your Way at the SLC

Earlier this year, while walking through the SLC, I passed by RULA’s Digital Media Experience (DME) and a 3D model of our campus caught my eye. I mentioned to a friend what an incredible school project that must be, not knowing that just months later, I would see it come to life as an installation at the SLC.The new white and brown wayfinding installation set in the SLC Amphitheatre

The project, known as ARVIBE (Augmented Reality Visualization In Built Environments), began when Vincent Hui and Jennifer McArthur, professors in the Department of Architectural Science were awarded a grant through the Dean’s Pedagogical Innovation Fund. The initial focus of the project was to help students understand the built environment through Big Data visualization. As Congress 2017 approached, the team realized that there was an additional opportunity for the map to serve as a wayfinding tool on campus. The development and construction of the 3D map, including its dynamic side pieces, were  supported by the DME Lab workspace, along with the workshop located in the Architectural Science building. Both of these spaces are full of emerging technologies available for any Ryerson student to use.

This was a much anticipated project for everyone involved and, with Ryerson hosting Congress 2017 this past week, it was a perfect time to unveil the installation. Ryerson welcomed thousands of guests and as the gateway to the university, the SLC was likely their first stop. ARVIBE not only assists in better answering directional questions, but it also stands as a physical manifestation of the collaboration and innovation taking place at  the SLC.

The interactive map is installed just to the left of Starbucks. By interacting with a tablet, an accessible path to campus locations from the SLC will be illuminated by LED lights. Come check out this incredible addition to the Ryerson campus as the Student Engagement and Leadership (SEAL) Team works with the creators to test the sustainability of a long term installation.

A crucial aspect to the development of this collaborative pilot is feedback from the Ryerson community. Let us know what you think by visiting the SEAL Team Headquarters in LIB 272B SLC 516 or by emailing us at

Written by student blogger Laura Burrett