Fun Facts

  • Each of the four elevators have their own bright, unique colour.
  • A OneCard recharge tower is located on Floor 2, to the right of the elevators.
  • There are phone charging stations designed by Rouge Media Group, a startup company founded and incubated in the DMZ. These stations are located in the main entrance of the SLC and on floors 4-8.
  • The ‘beach’ or the ‘sky’ terms were created by the architects of the SLC and were used to help develop a thematic representation for the building in the design process. Here’s the breakdown:
  • Raw space (like exposed ventilation ducts and concrete) is a design feature meant to be informal and promote the adaptability of the space. It creates a more flexible environment that encourages students to interpret their own use of the space.
  • The material of the beanbag chairs is made of recycled racing boat sails. Check the tag on each chair for the boats’ name!
  • There are three green roof gardens which helped qualify the SLC for a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). At least 50% of the roof is a green roof.
  • The furniture in the SLC was selected by interior design students.
  • Ryerson owns copyright to frit pattern on the glass exterior of the SLC.
  • The lights on 6th floor are a homage to the Sam the Record Man sign, and also stand as a symbolic sun to match the theme of the floor’s design.
  • The all glass facade was advocated by students requesting natural light in a 2008 survey.
  • All decisions in the SLC are guided by 5 principles:
  1. Respect the needs of the students
  2. Maximize use of the SLC in ways that support the first principle and promotes academic stakeholder activity
  3. Leverage opportunities for student and Ryerson community engagement
  4. Foster a dynamic environment
  5. Enhance Ryerson University’s reputation
  • The bridge between the SLC and the Library is free air space over city-owned O’Keefe Lane.
  • The frit pattern on the glass exterior wall creates a reflective surface to help with overall energy efficiency.
  • The blinds are all programmed to respond to both solar radiation levels and temperature.
  • The frit pattern on the glass exterior walls is also a bird strike mitigation technique.