Humans of the SLC – Pt. 2

Humans of the SLC aims to showcase users’ experiences within the building and reflect on what exactly makes a place feel like home. This is a project created by students for students. This is your story and your SLC.

Zoe Arseneau, 3rd Year Creative Industries Student, SLC Creative Team Graphic Designer:

“I love that I feel valued here. Before being a graphic designer, I used to work as an SLC Specialist and through that I met some employers who were just incredibly caring. They were able to see the potential in my creativity and allowed me to pursue a job here that’s a little more fitting to who I am.”

Hussain Bokhari, SLC Assistant, Student Engagement and Leadership (SEAL) Team:

“Through my job at the SLC, I have the opportunity to make every students’ day better. Engaging with students on a daily basis, helping answer their questions, and seeing the smiles on their faces just makes my job very easy. It is the students that essentially make the SLC a leader in every single aspect that it is.”

Alaura Misener, 4th Year Professional Communications Student, SLC Creative Team Graphic Designer:

“Having a job here at the SLC as a graphic designer has allowed for me to use my creativity and graphic skills that I otherwise wouldn’t get the chance to use in school. I am able to do something that I thoroughly enjoy while working with people I admire.”

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