Humans of the SLC – Pt. 3

Humans of the SLC aims to showcase users’ experiences within the building and reflect on what exactly makes a place feel like home. This is a project created by students for students. This is your story and your SLC

Monica & Nadia Buffa, Business Management Students:

“We live about an hour commute from here. On days that I have just one class, I spend the rest of the day studying here while I wait for her. I actually find that I study more easily here than I do at home. It’s just good to have a fun and motivating environment around you, whether you’re studying or you’re with friends.” -Monica


Natalie Smith, 1st Year Performance Dance Student:

“The School of Performance is right underneath the SLC in the basement. It’s very convenient because I can just come straight upstairs and do my work for all my other courses. On each floor you experience a different environment – I like The Beach because it’s a relaxing place to work.”

Mike Regis, 4th Year Business Management Student:

“I love Ryerson because they gave me a facility in which I can pursue my passion of telling stories, which I’m very grateful for. I’m currently working on a small series for Enactus Ryerson and I’m here just using the facilities in the DME. There is a great community and the family here. Everyone is just so nice and willing to help.”

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