Imagine Yourself Here

What is the SLC?

Ryerson is transforming the corner of Yonge and Gould with a stunning building that is dedicated to you: the Student Learning Centre (SLC).

As the building rapidly approaches the final construction stages, everyone on campus (and in the city) eagerly anticipates its opening in early 2015.

More than 155,000 square feet of new space over eight floors will provide enough room for approximately 2,300 students to study, collaborate, and share ideas.

Student consultations have been a priority from the start of this project. Everything from space function and design to furniture selection. The SLC will become a physical manifestation of Ryerson’s spirit and a world-class destination for generations of students to come. Let’s take a tour and imagine yourself there.

Ryerson Student Learning Centre
Function of each SLC floor

Whether you walk in off of Yonge street or cross over from the bridge linking it to the Library, your first impression is an expansive and welcoming entrance leading to an open amphitheatre space.  This two-storey tiered casual seating area is a place to meet, and where spontaneous interactions happen. Pick up your java at the cafe before heading to your next class.

Ryerson Student Learning Centre Valley
Level 1 Amphitheater Gathering Spot, Info kiosk, Cafe

On the third floor, look down. This bluff opens up over the amphitheatre valley space. This vibrant floor will inspire all with two main focal points:

  • Digital Media Experience (DME): a place where you can take workshops and get one-on-one instruction in the use of advanced digital technology.
  • DMZ: an extension of the existing incubator, this is a space for students who are in the early stages of  developing their own ideas towards commercialization or driving cultural change.

The fourth floor is a nexus of learning resources. You will find Student Learning Support (SLS) which includes Writing Support, Math Support, English Language Support, Academic Accommodations Support, Study Skills and Transition Support, and help for Graduate Students.

You’ve landed on the fifth floor if you’re looking for a group study room, open study area, or a zone-learning type of class.

The sixth floor features expansive casual study space. It has gently sloping ramps which are ideal for informal meet-ups with peers.

Ryerson Student Learning Centre Beach
Level 6 Casual Seating

Serenity and focus is the mantra of the seventh floor. A quiet room, open and quiet study areas as well as collaborative work rooms span the floor. Graduate students have a dedicated reading room as well.

You’ve reached the sky on the eighth floor. The panoramic views and high ceilings are designed to inspire you. You will find a variety of collaborative work rooms, open study space with lounge seating at the perimeter.

Ryerson Student Learning Centre Sky
Level 8 Casual Seating and Collaborative / Group Work Rooms

The SLC has many unique characteristics: the distinguishing glass facade is the first one you’ll notice approaching on Yonge. Another: the Yonge Street frontage will feature prominent retail space. Every level is unique. From the day it opens the SLC will become an essential element of your academic life.

Voila! You can now imagine yourself at the heart of campus.