Mass Exodus 2016 Taking Place this Weekend

Mass Exodus is the Ryerson School of Fashion’s end-of-year event, and is being held in the SLC from April 8-10, 2016. From April 7th at 8:00pm until April 11th at 7:00am, the sixth floor of the SLC will be dedicated entirely to this major production. Elevator and stair access to all other floors will function as usual.

The 2016 Mass Exodus Runway show will be held on the sixth floor of the SLC, and The Exhibit will take place in the Launch Zone on the third floor. Throughout this time period, the noise levels on the third, fifth and seventh floors may also be impacted due to the activity of the events. To ensure students have alternate spaces to study, temporary space has been made available during event time in the fifth floor seminar rooms.

This student-run event showcases the final capstone projects of fourth year Fashion Design and Communication students. This marks the 28th year of production and focuses on its guiding principle of community, while incorporating the guiding principles of the School of Fashion: innovation, diversity and heritage.

We, at the SLC, strive to provide exceptional experiences for students and the community, and we do this by testing assumptions. This pilot with Mass Ex allows us to stretch our assumptions on how to maximize and use space in the SLC. If you have any questions or concerns, please email We want to hear your thoughts on this pilot.   

The SEAL Team is proud and excited to work with the Mass Exodus 2016 team in producing this event at the SLC. We appreciate your support in making it a success!