One-Five-Oh: Let’s Celebrate!

At the SLC, the Student Engagement and Leadership (SEAL) Team is making the most of Canada 150. From our Canadian flag overlooking the Bridge to the sesqui-pins on our uniforms, we’re excited about the big one-five-oh. Join us, get involved and celebrate all that brings us together and makes us who we are as a country!

Red banner showing the Canada 150 leaf logo and the message: Happy Sesquicentennial!

Unite and Write

On March 29, students joined forces at the SLC and took part in Student Learning Support’s inaugural sesquicentennial event: Ryerson Writes. They celebrated Canada’s unity in its diversity by promoting literacy through their shared goal of producing 150 pages. Take it forward by making the most of their writing support program and write on!

Keep it Short

My City My Six is a public art project showcasing Toronto’s strength: its diversity. Participate by emailing your six word story to Include your name, neighbourhood and age, or submit anonymously. In the fall, there will be a city-wide exhibition displaying a collection of the stories shared; find yours!

“Small town girl, big city dreams” -Danielle, 19, Garden District.

Come Together

Some of us were born here, others weren’t, but we are all Torontonians. Celebrate making the city our home by participating in the annual Toronto Newcomer Day. Nathan Phillips Square will be alive with energy on May 15 as Torontonians are invited to recognize the city’s commitment to immigrant integration.

Show your Pride

Ryerson’s signature sesquicentennial event will launch on May 27 with the 86th Congress of the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences. The week-long event will be the platform for more than 8,000 academics, researchers, policy makers and practitioners to exchange ideas and mold the Canada of tomorrow. Explore paid and volunteer opportunities to take part in this historic event at Ryerson!      

O’ Canada, we couldn’t be prouder to be celebrating you.

Written by student blogger Danielle Howson