Reimagining the SLC Welcome Desk

SLC Welcome Desk in the Amphitheatre. As a Specialist, the SLC Welcome Desk is my favourite place to work. Created by students from the Department of Architectural Science, it showcases Ryerson talent while serving as the first point of interaction between the Ryerson community and the Student Engagement and Leadership (SEAL) Team. In this space, I am able to feed off of the energy around me to use as motivation to make the SLC the best it can be.  

The SEAL Team is always striving to find ways to improve the building to further foster student engagement. We remain adaptable to promote innovation, pushing us to think critically to find new ways to encourage student interaction with our team. One idea that allowed us to better serve students is to transform the Welcome Desk into a Welcome Centre.

Third year design student, Catherine Liddell creating the new SLC Welcome Centre.
Third year Design student, Catherine Liddell, creating the new SLC Welcome Centre.

The SEAL team first approached Jonathon Anderson, an Interior Design professor at Ryerson. Aligning with the student-centric approach of the SLC, he enlisted the help of Catherine Liddell and Pooneh Khaleghi, third and fourth year Interior Design students. Together, they are collaborating to create a new Welcome Centre fit for our world-class building. When Catherine and Pooneh began redesigning, they felt that the SLC Welcome Centre should be a physical manifestation of the innovation and creativity that is fostered in the building. Catherine and Pooneh sought inspiration from Snøhetta, the architectural firm behind the SLC, and their overarching theme for the building: “front porch meets plaza.” With that in mind, they played with different concepts to reimagine and ultimately, redefine, the SLC Welcome Desk.  

The SLC Amphitheatre is an open but intimate space, and the new Welcome Centre will emulate this feeling. The SEAL Team is thrilled to get this new addition that will not only be designed by students, but will allow us to find new ways to better meet student needs.

Written by student blogger Laura Burrett