DMZ Sandbox

Sandbox is the community arm to the DMZ – North America’s leading business incubator. Sandbox is an open and collaborative space that provides access to a curated list of creative, digital and entrepreneurial skills and opportunities to students and the wider community. Sandbox works with Ryerson University, the Zone Network and various community groups to inspire a culture that values, celebrates and fosters entrepreneurial and  innovative thinking.

Programs: Some of North America’s leading organizations – RBC, RED Academy, Red Bull – work with Sandbox to offer a curated list of free programs in the arts, business and tech landscapes.

Idea Consultations: Individuals can book consultation sessions with Sandbox advisors to discuss their budding ideas. Sandbox advisors are subject matter experts in market validation, early-stage growth, customer acquisition, sales, funding, UI/UX, marketing and communications.

Workspace: Sandbox is a unique space on the third floor of the SLC. It holds up to 90 people and is available as a workspace when events or programs are not being held.

Events: Sandbox hosts innovative and entrepreneurial events in business, design, marketing, finance, digital media and networking!

Sandbox reception desk

Sandbox inspires and empowers  students and communities to try new things, to build and rebuild, experiment,  collaborate and play. To find out more, visit their website or follow them on InstagramTwitter and Facebook.