Seminar Rooms

One of the strategies in the Academic Plan is to “enhance the Library’s role as a provider of exceptional learning spaces and innovative services for teaching, learning, research and collaboration.”

The SLC provides the Library with new spaces for collaboration. The three seminar rooms located on the 5th floor of the SLC are exactly for this purpose. Working with academic partners, the Library delivers innovative programming in these rooms that encourage productive multidisciplinary interactions which enhances out-of-class learning experiences.

Prioritization for the use of the seminar rooms is influenced by the Academic Plan. These rooms already have 11 hours of programming scheduled per day, 6 days per week by the Library, Student Learning Support (SLS) and DMZ Sandbox. This is exciting news for students as it means there are great resources and opportunities taking place in the rooms. The digital signage above the elevators in the SLC Amphitheatre and the touch-screen kiosks have information about what is taking place in the seminar rooms. You can also look for workshops, seminars and other programming through the SLSDMZ Sandbox and Library websites.

Priority to book the seminar rooms is given to programming which encourages out-of-class learning experiences. The rooms can be booked by any Ryerson student, staff or faculty for this purpose. Other purposes, such as meetings, may be considered on an individual basis and per room availability.

Please read the SLC Seminar Rooms Terms & Conditions before making a Booking Request.

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Q: I am a faculty member, can I book a seminar room for my regularly scheduled class or seminar?

A: The SLC seminar rooms are designated for collaborations that intensify students’ out-of-class learning experiences. The rooms are not available for booking regularly scheduled classes or seminars. Faculty members are advised to contact Timetabling/University scheduling to find a classroom on campus for instruction (ext. 5354).

Q: I am a student, can I book a seminar room for my meeting or study group?

A: Priority is given to SLC academic stakeholders for teaching, learning, and support activities. Students are encouraged to book one of the 61 Collaborative and Group Work Rooms in the SLC or one of the 32 in the Library using your Ryerson login credentials on the online booking system. For larger groups looking for space for organized study events and/or workshops, the seminar rooms can be requested.

Q: Can I use these seminar rooms for catered workshops or events?

A: Catering can be arranged through Ryerson Eats. All food and beverages should be contained within the room. Alcohol and open flames (including chafing dishes) are not permitted in the seminar rooms.

Q: What is the capacity for each of the three seminar rooms?

A: Here’s the breakdown:

  • Eddie Chan Seminar Room (SLC 508) – capacity of 35 seats
  • SLC 515 – capacity of 24 seats
  • SLC 516 – capacity of 22 seats

To comply with fire codes and regulations, booking requests that exceed the room capacities listed above will be declined. Additional tables and seating are not available.

Q: What technology is available in the rooms?

A: Each of the rooms are equipped with a projection system, computer, and audio capabilities. In addition, 515 and 516 have SMART Board technology.

Q: Who do I contact if I have more questions about Seminar Rooms?

A: If you have specific questions about the Seminar Rooms, please email