SLC Ambassadors

The SLC has a history of student engagement, from the early days of concept and design, through to the build and launch.

Student engagement is still going strong at the SLC. Here’s another way you can get involved.

Join a group of eager, goal-driven students volunteered as members of the SLC Ambassador Team. This group established themselves as “a dedicated group of current Ryerson students from a variety of programs and faculties committed to making the SLC a world-class destination. Working together, they foster student engagement and pride of place, ensuring the SLC is a physical manifestation of Ryerson’s spirit”.

SLC Ambassadors will be called upon when assistance is needed for special events, when we need feedback or ideas on initiatives being planned and when we need student reps for a project, research or focus group. As an Ambassador, you are the first we will contact for help, but also when we have an event or workshop – priority registration is one of the perks.   

SLC Ambassadors play a vital role in the culture of the space. As part of the Welcome Team, you answer questions, direct traffic and offer general assistance to students to ensure their experience here is world-class. This role is especially critical during back-to-school with thousands of new students joining our Ramily.

Graduate students interested in promoting and fostering the culture around the dedicated graduate study space on the 7th floor are invited to sign up too.

The time commitment is completely dependent on your availability. As part of our Student Engagement and Leadership (SEAL) Team, Ambassadors work closely with the SLC Specialists (in yellow t-shirts) and the SLC full-time staff (in black or dark blue t-shirts). When on duty, Ambassadors will wear the Ryerson-blue Ambassador t-shirt.

As volunteer members, Ambassadors are passionately working to achieve our collective goal of manifesting Ryerson’s spirit, physically, through the SLC.

Interested in becoming an SLC Ambassador? Click here to sign up.