SLC Seminar Rooms ­Terms & Conditions

Cleanliness & Room Layout:

  • Setting up the room is your responsibility. Build time into your reservation accordingly for set-up and clean-up. You will not be able to access your room until the start of the reservation.
  • Furniture from others areas of the floor must remain outside of the seminar rooms and for their original intended purposes.
  • Furniture from the room must remain in the room as no alternate storage space is available.
  • You are responsible for ensuring the furniture is reset to its original configuration at the end of your reservation.

Room Access & Security:

  • Card access into the rooms is for SLC stakeholders only.
  • Access cards for the room are available at the Circulation Desk (main floor, Library). Immediately prior to your session, please go to the circulation desk to pick up a swipe card. The person picking up the swipe card will require an active Ryerson OneCard.  At the end of your session, return the swipe card to the Circulation desk with your OneCard to clear it from your record.
  • Leaving the room unattended with the door ajar is a liability. You are responsible for the room and its contents during your booking.   


  • Each of the rooms is equipped a projection system, computer, and audio capabilities.
  • If you wish to use the projection equipment in the room, please follow the instructions posted in each room. In the event of a technology failure, please notify staff at the Circulation Desk
  • Wireless: RU-Secure (limited to Ryerson users) and Eduroam. If you require wireless access for external users, you must contact If wifi is needed for the day only, call the CCS Helpdesk x6806 and request the daily password. Guest wifi requests must be sponsored by a Ryerson employee.  


  • The primary purpose of the 5th floor is study space for students. To minimize disruption, please keep the noise level reasonable and ensure the doors are kept closed.  


  • If you require catering, contact Ryerson Food Services directly. 
  • All food and beverages should be contained within the room and cleared out at the end of your meeting. Rooms are to be left in their original condition for the next user.
  • Alcohol and open flames (including chafing dishes) are not permitted in the seminar rooms.


Future Bookings:

  • This agreement must be agreed to each time a booking is made.
  • Securing a reservation does not constitute precedence; availability and priority will be assessed each time a booking is requested.
  • Bookings are to be requested within one month of the event date.
  • The individual submitting the booking is responsible for ensuring adherence to the Terms and Conditions. Failure to do so may result in the loss of booking privileges.

(November 2018)