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SLC@Home – Sound & Music

Sound and music greatly impact the way you learn and work. At the SLC, we offer students a number of sounds and atmospheres they can study to, like the upbeat tones of the Beach, the moderate background noise at the Sun, and the nice quiet of the Forest. As you study from home, it’s good to surround yourself with sounds and music that will best help you learn. 

Research suggests that music is effective in raising productivity and efficiency levels. Music can help relieve negative emotions like stress and anxiety and it can even help change your mood!

While you work, it’s best to choose and experiment with music that helps you study. Everyone is different—whether it’s lo-fi, a top-ten hit, or a Drake track, find what works for you and stick with it! To help you with this task, the SLC floors have their own sound and music suggestions to help you find your groove and get you studying. 

Floor 1 - The Amphitheatre

In this time of social distancing, just because you can’t pay a visit to your favourite coffee shop, doesn’t mean you can’t recreate it at home! Make yourself a cup of coffee at home, set up your workspace, and even play some coffee shop sounds to get into the studying groove.

Floor 2 - The Bridge

The Bridge is a busy space that literally bridges the SLC to the rest of campus! As one of the busiest floors in our building with people coming and going, it has very mellow but upbeat vibes to it. 

A cool way to recreate this atmosphere is to listen to music that is between 50 and 80 BPM (beats per minute). Baroque classical music composers are known for their upbeat music, which reduces stress and increases relaxation. This is a good choice when you really need to get work done! Check out this 60 BPM Bach playlist that can enhance and stimulate learning and creativity.

Give it a try!

Floor 3 - The Bluffs

The third floor, otherwise known as the Bluffs is known for being a place that fosters creativity and innovation. Using your own creative skills, why not make a playlist filled with your favourite songs!

Here are some tips to make the perfect study playlist:

  • Keep it between 60-90 minutes to help you remember to take breaks
  • Use music you know and love so that you won’t waste time skipping tracks
  • Listen at a moderate level so that it’s not too loud and not too quiet

Make your playlist on Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, YouTube, 8tracks or any other music platform!

Floor 4 - The Garden

The Garden is the ultimate place if you need help with a course or want to study in a chill and calming environment. To recreate this calming presence, try listening to nature sounds while you study!

From rainy day sounds to calming waterfalls, nature sounds enhance cognitive functioning, optimize concentration, and help get rid of white noise and conversations. 

Try it out!

If, on the other hand, white noise is what you are after, check out this white noise generator!

Floor 5 - The Sun

Recently, lo-fi hip hop beats have become a student favourite while studying because it’s the perfect mix of not too loud and not too quiet—just like the Sun floor! Lo-fi has almost no vocals, and is soft hip-hop that is mixed with jazz and blues. 

Research suggests that the rhythm of lo-fi beats can help drive you towards finishing your work. 

Our favourite lo-fi beats to study to come from ChilledCow! Check them out on YouTube and Spotify

Floor 6 - The Beach

The Beach is known for being a student-favourite hangout spot where you can get loud and relax! While soft music is great for studying, sometimes you need more upbeat tracks and tunes to wake you up during study breaks. 

While taking a break, blast your happy playlists and dance around, or use meditation and relaxation resources to help centre your nerves. 

Insight Timer has tracks meant to lift your spirits. Try this Happiness, Vibration and Serotonin release track that melts into your soundscape. Close your eyes, daydream, and let this track relax you! 

Floor 7 - The Forest

The Forest is the floor that students gravitate towards when studying is a top priority. During this crunch time, we recommend listening to classical music to help concentrate and ground you while you work. 

A group of studies found that listening to Mozart can help you think through long term, more abstract solutions to logical problems. Next time you’re stuck on a question, play some Mozart and see what happens! 

Floor 8 - The Sky

Music brings us all together just like the Sky brings students together to collaborate. Our team has decided to collaborate as well by making a Spotify playlist with all of our favourite social distancing jams to help students get through this time. We are a diverse team, and our music taste is just as diverse.  Find some new music and enjoy some classics with our playlist.

Need some upbeat tunes to study to? Check out this new playlist put together by our staff!

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