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SLC@Home – Visual & Workspace

The SLC’s purpose is to provide students with a clean, tidy, and visually appealing physical workspace in which to learn and collaborate. 

A physical workspace is one that you can touch, smell, and feel. This is a space that should be designated for studying and can be personalized to enhance individual productivity. Similar to a favourite floor or favourite spot in the SLC, we encourage students to make themselves a favourite spot at home that is dedicated to studying. 

A Dedicated Space

According to Genser’s 2013 US Workplace Survey, having a space that is best designed to your needs will allow you to work effectively, be more productive and innovative, and will boost your engagement with your work. 

“It helps to create an environment around myself that pushes me to be productive. That way, whenever I sit at my workstation, I can drift into study mode more easily,” said Raisa, a fifth-year business management student and SLC Specialist.

When you leave your dorm, apartment, or home and head to the SLC, you are creating space between work and home. It’s important for students to find a designated space that is solely dedicated to your work. This will help in motivating you, while also setting a clear differentiation between your home space and your workspace. This differentiation will help set boundaries to avoid being overwhelmed and overexerted while you study. 

Make It Your Own

Students should also take the design of this space into consideration. Just like each SLC floor has its own personality that students are attracted to, creating a personality for your own space at home will help you recreate the SLC experience. This is your space—it should be designed to best fit your aesthetics. 

When you like your workspace and enjoy being in it, studying and working will feel more natural and less like a chore. 

In a study conducted at the University of Exeter, it found that people who had control over the design of their workspace were 32 per cent more productive. It surveyed over 2000 office workers in a series of studies. When these workers were able to design their workspace to best suit themselves, they exhibited greater productivity and happiness. 

This exam season, it’s important to find the space that works for you in your home! Whether it’s your breakfast table or a quiet nook, having this space will make your studying more effective and worthwhile.

Take some notes from the SLC:

Lighting Is Key

No matter what floor you choose at the SLC, they all have one thing in common: windows! Even when the sun sets, large overhead lights, as well as lights at each individual study space, help keep your workspace well-lit. 

Arrange your workspace to be next to a window if you are able. Late-night study session? Test out the lamps in your home and get your workspace lit! 

Even your screen can help provide better lighting! Check out F.lux (available for iPhone/Android, PC/Mac). This is an application that changes the warmness and brightness of your screen based on the time of day. Just like the SLC’s blinds change depending on the direction of the sun, you can adapt your own screen brightness to the time of day! 

Find A Good View!

The SLC windows not only provide lighting, but also an excellent view. The visuals we surround ourselves with can impact our mood and energy level. The SLC is designed to provide clean, bright, uplifting visuals that help keep you in a studious mood. While you may not be able to paint your room a brighter colour or install a floor to ceiling window, take control of the things you can change!

Find a desktop wallpaper that inspires you, add a plant to your desk, decorate your wall with motivational messages or get crafty with a vision board. 


Missing the SLC? Here are some wallpapers we made just for you. Find your favourites! Click on the links—there are more than just one per floor!

Keep It Clean

The SLC staff work hard to keep our workspaces clean and clutter-free. Clutter in your space can also mean clutter in your mind. Keeping your space clean can help reduce stress and help you feel in control.

Create or find a clean work surface. Is your office in your bedroom? Take 15 minutes before working to make your bed, hide the laundry (or even better put it in the hamper), clear off your desk and open the blinds.

We know that working from home can be difficult. As we adjust to working and studying from home during this time, the SLC is still here to help set you up for success!

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