Student Life: Before and After the SLC

I consider myself very lucky to have had the SLC for the entire span of my university experience. I couldn’t imagine navigating my post-secondary path without it. Yet that was the case for some of my upper-year peers. Curious about the pre-SLC student reality, I sat down with some of them to better understand how campus life has transformed since the SLC opened its front doors.

Laura Burrett“When the SLC was built, I no longer felt the need to find study space off campus, I knew that I could study here. -Laura Burrett, 4th year Professional Communications student

Ryerson’s campus has been in continuous expansion over the years, but what was missing was a space for students to just be. This is just one of the reasons the SLC was born! Step inside and you’ll immediately notice a versatile space dedicated to – and shaped by – students. It’s a place that has carved out a niche for every student, regardless of year or program. It truly is our SLC, malleable to our every need.

Jessica Huynh“Perhaps the biggest advantage of the SLC is the amount of natural light the building gets. It really makes a difference in my productivity!” -Jessica Huynh, 4th year Creative Industries student

It’s no secret that the SLC was built with the needs and wants of students in mind. Designed to be a completely different workspace environment than anywhere else on campus, the SLC features floor-to-ceiling windows. Not only does natural light make a difference in work performance and productivity, but it improves alertness as well. Forget about falling asleep while studying!

Kelly Kitagawa“People would go to class and just go home, but now people stick around to wait for their friends while getting work done. And that on its own has really helped build campus culture.” -Kelly Kitagawa, 5th year Media Production student

Known for being a commuter school, Ryerson wanted to promote a “sticky campus.” A university should be a place where students not only wish to learn, but to socialize, network, and feel as if they belong. The SLC has done just that. It has given students a place to stick around to study together, engage in co-curricular activities or simply hang out.

Kate Chrumka“I think the SLC just shows how much Ryerson is growing and adapting to students’ needs. It gave students a place to hangout, meet up, and get stuff done!” -Kate Chrumka, graduated Media Production student

Since its opening two years ago, the SLC has developed into a key activity, social, and academic hub on campus. Ryerson’s students can no longer imagine what it would be like going to school here without its presence. It has become more than just the gateway to campus – it has become a second home to us all. It’s our SLC.

Written by student blogger Danielle Howson