Ten MORE Ways the SLC was Built With You in Mind

Back by popular demand: ten more ways the SLC was shaped by student voices!

1. Light sensitive blinds

Before the SLC came to life, students were asked what they wanted for their new space. What was at the top of their wish list? Sunlight! However, having twenty-five foot tall, floor-to-ceiling windows can bring in a little too much light at certain times of day. To solve this, the blinds are rigged to sensors based on geolocation that adjust as the day goes on!  Study area on the 8th floor at the SLC. Retractable blinds are highlighted.

2. Pizza box recycling

Need pizza to get you through study session cravings? Dreading the thought of wrestling the box to get it into the garbage? The SLC has got you covered. They’ve installed recycling containers specifically designed to fit those annoying leftover containers! Problem solved. Take a look around campus, the SLC has inspired other buildings to do the same!

3. Therapy dogsHands petting a small brown and white Therapy Dog.

We’re all too familiar with the stress that comes along with a university education. However, you might not be aware that the SLC hosts RU Therapy Dogs sessions. Head to the Sandbox by DMZ to get your cuddle on every Wednesday from 12-1 p.m!

4. Charging stations

Ryerson is known for being a commuter school. We either know this reality too well or know the struggles our commuter friends face. One of these challenges being how easy it is to forget a charger at home. Luckily, the SLC is equipped with charging stations for your charging needs. They are located in the Amphitheatre and on floors 4-8 near the elevators.


The SLC was built with #Views that even Drake would be proud of.A billboard showcasing the word "Views" amongst skyscrapers.

6. Vending machines

The SLC polled students to figure out which study snacks and merchandise they liked best. They received feedback which resulted in some… unusual vending machine treats. Most floors carry cold beverages and snacks (including Nutella), but make sure to head to floors 6 and 8 for your caffeine fix. Forgot a pen? On floors 2, 5, and 7 you can find everything to fulfill your stationery needs.

7. Beanbag chairs

The sixth floor offers a variety of seating for your comfort needs. Fun fact: the beanbag chairs were made from recycled racing boat sails. Check the tag on each chair for the boat’s name!
8. Motivational messages in the staircase

When the elevators are congested, take the stairs if possible. Check out the motivational drawings while you’re at it for a little extra dose of encouragement.A chalk drawing of a gopher on a concrete wall next to the tag line "Gopher Success"
9. Hand dryer volume

We’re all too familiar with the low rumble of the hand dryers that echoes from the bathrooms. And it is loud. But did you know that the hand dryers’ volume on floor 7 was lowered to allow for quiet study? Students tested different dryer volumes and their input determined the outcome. They really had a hand in fixing that problem…get it?

10. Sun all year roundStudents studying on the sixth floor "Beach"

The sixth floor being the Beach, it is only appropriate that it has a bright, yellow “sun.” Look up: notice the similarities? This way, Canadians (and those visiting us) can enjoy summer all year round!

Written by student blogger Danielle Howson