Ten Ways the SLC was Built With You in Mind

At the SLC, students are the top priority. From its early construction days until now, the student perspective has been considered in nearly every aspect. Whether creating a quiet floor or adding more Collaborative & Group Work Rooms, your student voice was heard. This student-first philosophy is the evolutionary force behind the SLC. It goes beyond infrastructure and infuses the SLC’s governing model where students are embedded in every decision-making level. The result: your SLC.

Here is a list of ten things that were incorporated into the SLC with Ryerson’s students in mind. 

1. Floor names

Every floor was designed to suit a different type of study need. Thankfully, each floor was given a clever name and coinciding theme to make them easier to remember! It’s broken down as follows:

A collage of all eight floors at the SLC.

Which floor do you call home?

 2. Quiet floor

Need absolute silence to ace your classes? Welcome to the 7th floor: your quiet study zone with a designated silent study space. Graduate students can also find their niche in the dedicated John A. Honderich grad study space.Quiet study floor entrance.


3. Access to the rest of campus

Students using the staircase connecting the 2nd floor Bridge to the Amphitheatre.Ryerson isn’t a large campus, but who really wants to walk any further than ten feet in the winter time? Luckily, the SLC has those of us who hate the cold covered. Via the second floor bridge, students have access to most of the campus down Gould Street; stretching all the way from the library to the RCC.


4. Book a room to suit your needs

A Collaborative & Group Work Room with a white table, four chairs and TV screen.Throughout the SLC, you can find a total of 61 Collaborative & Group Work Rooms (CGWR) designed to suit your needs. With the click of a mouse, you can book one here. All come equipped with technology for different usage. You can even use a HDMI cable to connect to an LCD TV!


5. Sanitation stations

Coming soon! A new initiative introducing cleaning wipes to take care of your workspace and keep the SLC sparkling. It’s simple: just like at the gym; wipe down your workspace after use!Metallic work space wipe dispensers


6. Adjustable desks

Close-up of power bar on adjustable desk.Standing desks are so in right now. Not only that, they adjust to meet a variety of needs, ensuring that the SLC is welcoming to all. You can find these adjustable study carrels on the 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 8th floors. Look for the accessible white desks with the operating bar attached to their fronts!


7. Sandbox by DMZ

The evolution of the SLC continues with the launch of its new learning playground, Sandbox by DMZ: a one-stop shop for the Ryerson community to embrace their entrepreneurial intuition. The space is dedicated to empowering curious minds with the creative, digital, and entrepreneurial skills needed to meet today’s market demands. Intrigued? Definitely stop by and check it out.Welcome desk at Sandbox by DMZ


8. Digital Media Experience (DME)

Students gathered watching a demonstration at the DME labI bet you’ve always wondered what goes on in that space on the 3rd floor of the SLC. Right next to Sandbox, is the Isaac Olowolafe Jr. Digital Media Experience Lab: a makerspace, fabrication lab and digital media production facility. It is home to countless digital media tools available to Ryerson students! 3D printers, virtual reality – you name it, they have it. Supercharge your learning experience and book your tutorial here.  


9. Whiteboards

Remember alwaysStudent writing on a whiteboard with a red hue. wanting to write on the wall as a kid? At the SLC, you can embrace your inner child and write all over the whiteboard walls! There are handy whiteboards and markers in every study room. As for the cleanup, it couldn’t be easier. The SLC provides erasers to keep the space looking world-class.


10. Tours

SLC student Specialist giving a tour to two people.

Did you know the SLC offers tours? General tours of the building are proudly led by students weekdays at noon. So far, 533 tours have been hosted for over 4,165 guests from 30 countries! Discover the SLC with your student guide and sign up through http://slc.blog.ryerson.ca/tours/

Written by student blogger Danielle Howson