The ABCs of the SLC

It’s every student’s favourite time of year: back to school! With a new semester upon us, we’ve decided to ease into it and bring it back to basics. Below is everything you need to know about our SLC, from A-Z.


The Student Learning Centre is an intentionally inclusive space that is constantly improving itself to meet accessibility needs. To better understand accessibility throughout the building, the Student Engagement and Leadership (SEAL) Team came together with the Ryerson community and initiated the conversation by organizing the SLC Charrette on Accessibility.


Feel a bit closer to the sailboats on Lake Ontario by sitting on the beanbags on the sixth floor! They’re made from recycled boat sails and even display the name boat they came from on the tag.

Student writing in a Collaborative & Group Work Room at the SLC
Photo by Clifton Li


Sometimes you just need a giant whiteboard and a little help from your friends to get you through an assignment. That’s why we have 61 easily bookable Collaborative Group Work Rooms (CGWR). Make use of the dry-erase markers provided and use the erasers to tidy up!

RULA’s Digital Media Experience Lab is the innovation hub of the SLC where the Ryerson community has access to workshops and emerging technology.

Student trying on virtual reality goggles at the DME
Photo by Clifton Li

The SLC is dedicated to environmental design. Did you know there is a rainwater harvest cistern on the roof? This means we can store and reuse rainwater for plumbing purposes throughout the building!

Frit Pattern

The white pattern that decorates the SLC’s exterior and windows helps modulate light to create the perfect study conditions everyone can work in. Fun fact: Ryerson actually owns the copyright to the pattern so you won’t see it anywhere else!

Gold LEED Status

Through the implementation of eco-friendly practices and systems, the SLC surpassed its original goal of Silver LEED Status!

Photo by Clifton Li

Hot Spot

The SLC has become a hot spot on campus for students to meet, hang out, study, collaborate on projects, and so much more!


From the design of the building to the type of work being done here, the SLC fosters innovative thinking.


Want to get involved on campus? Join our team and apply to be an SLC Specialist!

Student breakdancing on the sixth floor of the SLC
Photo by Clifton Li


Just like everyone has their favourite parts of downtown Toronto, we have our favourite parts of the SLC. Check out the breakdancers who can often be seen kickin’ it on the sixth floor.



Light-Sensitive Blinds

The blinds that cover those awesome floor-to-ceiling windows are controlled by the sun’s rays! As the day goes on, the blinds shift to provide the best type of lighting for the study space.

Students studying at the SLC
Photo by David Chau

Meet me at the beach!

The SLC is meant to be a space for more than just studying. Want to hang out with your friends while staying on campus? Head to the beach, you’ll probably find us there.

Noise-Reducing Earplugs

Aerial shot of the SLC Amphitheatre
Photo by Clifton Li

Struggling to concentrate? The Student Engagement and Leadership (SEAL) Team would be more than happy to supply you with noise-reducing earplugs to help you study!

Open space

Open spaces available throughout the building allows the SLC to be adaptable to all students as well as to the variety of events that take place here.

Pizza Box Recycling

With so many pizza options around Ryerson it’s no wonder students needed recycling bins dedicated to pizza boxes…

Quiet Study Spaces

The seventh floor provides Ryerson students a quiet space amongst the buzz of downtown Toronto. This floor even has a silent study section.


As one of the most photogenic spots on campus, the SLC is often the backdrop for headshots and media projects. We want to see the SLC through your eyes so tag us using #RSLC!  


As the eyes and ears of the building, the SEAL Team is always around to make sure that the SLC is the best it can be for you!

The SLC tour sign
Photo by David Chau


To date, there have been 176 VIP tours and over 1185 general tour sign ups! You can take a tour too – we look forward to meeting you!





The SLC works collaboratively with the Ryerson University Library and Archives (RULA) to be a 21st Century Library. Along with the building’s uncommon geometric designed, this term has set the unique tone of the SLC as a library without books!

The SLC provides incredible views of Toronto from the SLC. Try standing at the south-east corner of the 8th floor for this spectacular city view!

World-Class Destination

The SLC is proud to be a popular destination for people all over the world, with visitors from over thirty countries and counting!

Students studying at the SLC
Photo by Clifton Li

EXtra Study Space

During exam season, the fourth floor is converted into a quiet study area and desks are even added to the Amphitheatre to maximize the use of the space. Seminar rooms are also transformed into extra study space for students to make the most of their study sessions.

Yellow Shirts

As current Ryerson students, the SLC Specialists can be seen at the Welcome Desk or roaming the building. They typically wear yellow shirts but are sporting red ones this semester to celebrate the sesquicentennial. They are always ready to help you in any way they can so strike up a conversation with them at any time!

Zeidler and Snohetta

Architecture firms Zeidler and Snohetta worked together for the first time to design the SLC, making collaboration at the heart of the SLC since the very start.

Co-written by student bloggers Laura Burrett and Danielle Howson