The SLC Ecosystem

The Sheldon & Tracy Levy Student Learning Centre (SLC) is home to five academic stakeholders that play a unique role in contributing to the SLC’s shared success. Championing student engagement and leadership, the SEAL Team is a dedicated group of students and staff at the forefront of the SLC. We work with Ryerson University Library, Isaac Olowolafe Jr. Digital Media Experience (DME)DMZ Sandbox, School of Performance and Student Learning Support (SLS) to deliver a diverse yet cohesive SLC experience.

The Entrance of Ryerson University by Mandalaybus.

The SLC is infused with collaboration, exemplified through its governing and operating model that integrates a blend of students, staff and faculty at every level. It is sustained by active participation between the SLC Governance Group, Working Group and its committees who collectively pull in the same direction to enhance the student experience.

Together, we designed the SLC principles to reflect Ryerson’s values and vision, ensuring a world-class learning destination for students.

  1. Respect the needs of the students
  2. Maximize use of the SLC in ways that support the first principle and promotes academic stakeholder activity
  3. Leverage opportunities for student and Ryerson community engagement
  4. Foster a dynamic environment
  5. Enhance Ryerson University’s reputation

From innovative learning to progressive governing models, the SLC is a physical manifestation of Ryerson’s spirit, engaging students and promoting their success through exceptional experiences.