Recognizing Ryerson’s Engaged Student Leaders

I’ve always noticed that the Ryerson spirit shines particularly bright through certain students. The team at the SLC concurs and is recognizing exemplary Ryerson students through its first SLC Student Engagement and Leadership Award.

Inaugural winners, Josh and Adrianna, are featured on the SLC SEAL Team Award poster Embracing leadership and engaging the Ryerson community is at the heart of the SLC. This understanding has become second nature to our inaugural recipients: Adrianna Militano, a first year graduate student in Public Policy and Administration, and Joshua Howe, a fourth year undergraduate student in Media Production.

Not only does the award recognize students involved in actively growing a stronger community within Ryerson, it acknowledges contributions made beyond the university’s borders. It derived from what the SLC was envisioned to be: a centre for participation, enhancing the Ryerson student experience. This award honours the impact made by the winners and encourages future students to take the lead.

What is Adrianna and Josh’s advice for getting involved? It’s easy! Ryerson offers a multitude of opportunities for students through its supportive staff, faculty, and students. Adrianna encourages her peers to recognize that personal growth happens when you step out of your comfort zone. Following their advice myself, I took the leap this past year and got involved in my program’s course union. Lesson learned: every opportunity you take has the potential to be an unforgettable experience.

But you don’t have to be a part of a student group to apply! So long as you are making a difference in our Ryerson community, you are eligible. The SLC wants the award to grow alongside its students, so get involved and celebrate your leadership. It all starts with answering one question: how do I lead?

Written by student blogger Danielle Howson