Toronto Life: Your definitive guide to a Toronto day trip as told by @Tonoariki

“Calling all city dwellers: the time to explore is now. Grab your backpack and a steady snack supply, because the way it’s looking you won’t be home till nightfall. With a mission to dream up the ultimate day trip in our own backyards, Canon has enlisted three leading creators in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. Armed with a PowerShot G1-X Mark II camera, the trio showed us what’s good in their cities.

From Toronto, photographer and design enthusiast Rajeshta (a.k.a. @tonoariki) gives a full rundown of the best spots for photography in the 6ix. The end result involves specialty coffee, nature and views that steal the show. From an east-end coffee haunt in the morning to Ward’s Island at sunset, consider this the ultimate Toronto photography location guide for the ultimate all-in-one camera.”

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