Types of Studiers at the SLC

Written by student blogger Danielle Howson
Graphics by student graphic designer Zoe Arseneau

The Student Learning Centre is all about providing various study spaces to help every type of student excel. Setting us up for success, there’s a space for every student and every need. Although no two students are alike, we do share some study styles. Here’s a list of the types of studiers we typically see at the SLC:


For the Food Muncher, no study session is complete without something to munch on! Thankfully for them, snacks and food are allowed in the Student Learning Centre. There are vending machines located on most floors or head to the
Amphitheatre’s Starbucks for your caffeine fix. And when ordering pizza, don’t forget to use the designated pizza box recycling bins to dispose of your empty boxes!

Jamming out to some music to drown out background noise is the only way the Music Listener can remain focused. This study type is never without their headphones and can always give the best song recommendations to stay energized. Plug in those headphones, press play on that fire playlist and get to work on your favourite floor in the SLC.


Let’s be honest, we’ve all experienced last minute cram sessions the day before a test or essay is due. The All-nighter gets their best work done… well, at night. After all, diamonds are made under pressure, right? Luckily, the SLC is open until 1 a.m. every night just for all you late-night studiers. And once the building closes, you’re still covered! Students have after-hour access to the Podium (POD) Building with their OneCard. There, you can find five floors with a range of study spots to suit every need.

Unlike some other study types, the Quiet Studier needs a peaceful and calming atmosphere in order to focus. Make sure to take advantage of Floor Seven, which is the SLC’s quiet floor, for the best quiet study environment. For even less distractions, you can also zen out in its designated silent study zone.

The Study Buddy works best in group settings. So, if staying motivated to study becomes a challenge, grab a friend or two! It can be easier to stay focused with a partner’s help because you’ll inspire each other to keep going. Book a Collaborative Group Work Room (CGWR) and get your study group down to business!

Which type of SLC studier are you? Take the quiz to find out!